Court Access and Booking

The courts are available for use by members by private arrangement among themselves outside the times of regular or scheduled tennis games (listed in the Club Regulations).

There is no booking system for private arrangement games. The rule is that, provided at least one court is free, members are free to play as long as they wish. If both courts are in use and other members arrive and wish to play, the members on the court where play started first should finish the set they are currently playing and let the newcomers on court. If the pair or foursome that comes off wishes to carry on playing they can follow on from the players on the other court, once they have finished their set - and so on. In other words, play would rotate between courts and playing groups.

This is a rather theoretical scenario! In practice, it very rarely happens: those who wish to play simply turn up and play; they rarely if ever have to wait. As a result there has never been seen to be the need for a booking system. If the need arose the club would give attention to setting up such a system on-line.

Members are allowed to play with a visitor up to three times per season. The name of the visitor should be recorded in the visitors' register prior to play starting. This register is available in the clubhouse. The fee is £5 per play, payable by the member who invites the visitor.